What we do

We address the needs of our neighbors

Our community is unique in that we care for our own. The saying “give you the shirt off their back” holds true with Cajuns. Our ancestors built this community through hard work and dedication to their people. Since our people are our greatest asset, we must strive to improve lives in order to continue making this place the best place in the world.

What we care for

Natural Disaster Recovery

Our response to Hurricane Zeta (2020) proved to be a test run to what Hurricane Ida (2021) would require. Immediately after the storm past, Bless Your Heart was able to distribute food and supplies that were being flown into the Galliano Airport from Pensacola, FL. As time went on, tons of supplies and monetary donations were taken in from all over the country. After a bit of advice from friend of our organization, we took on the mindset that this recovery will be a marathon and not a sprint. We took a commitment to strive to bring back normalcy to the children’s lives while reducing burden on the parents. Projects that we have taken on and/or support include but not limited to, new school uniform drive, new mattresses for families, Thanksgiving baskets, Adopt A Child for Christmas, and more!

When situations arise in people’s lives, we are called to bear the burdens of one another. When death, illness, tragedy, or loss occurred, we have stepped in to try to bear some of that burden. Many times, the outcomes of these projects far exceed our initial expectations mainly because of the dedication from our community.

Support Due to Unforeseen Circumstances

Addressing the Needs of our Local Heros

Every community has people that sacrifice their time, family, and lives, for others. Whether that is military, medical workers, law enforcement, fireman, first responders, teachers, lineman, etc., we have been and will continue to be committed to stepping in to support them in their toughest times.

We Promote

Promoting Our Community

It has always been a part of our culture to sit down with a group of people and “make the ‘vay-yay’” or have a conversation. We carry this tradition through our podcast, as we provide the interesting people from our area to tell their story and promote our community. The DTB Podcast touches on a wide range of topics like history, local economy, social issues, and periodic updates on Bless Your Heart activities. The DTB Podcast can be found on YouTube, Apple, Google, Spotify, or wherever you get your podcast. Please see the links below for episodes and more!